Who we are

Pension Fund Tourism Sector Aruba Foundation (PFTSA) was founded on March 27, 1992 on the initiative of AHATA (Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association) and the FTA (Federacion di Trahador di Aruba, Aruban Workers’ Federation), as they both shared the same vision for the need to create a pension plan which would provide workers in the tourism industry sector with additional income after retirement on top of the general old age pension provided by the local government (AOV).

PFTSA has an Executive Board that consists of an equal number of representatives from both the employers’ side as well as the participant’s side. The Executive Board is completed with an impartial Chairman.

PFTSA has 10 employees, including the Executive Director, who together with the Executive Board are responsible for all the administration at of the Fund.

PFTSA is responsible for implementing a pension plan for all its participants in accordance with existing laws and regulations. The regulatory body for our industry is the Central Bank of Aruba (CBA).

As of December 31, 2018 PFTSA has 113.1 million in assets, 103.2 million in liabilities (pension obligations), 10,378 policies and a coverage ratio of 102%.

PFTSA started with the Defined Benefit plan that became dormant as per December 31, 2003.  Effective January 1, 2004, PFTSA implemented the Defined Contribution pension plan with premium percentage of a minimum of 6% and a maximum of 25%.