Pension – Invest in your future

What is pension?

Pension is a fixed sum to be paid on a monthly basis to a person typically following retirement from service.


PFTSA has a very conservative method of investing.   It is the intention to maximize the return on investments while minimizing the possible negative impact on the continuity of the Fund.  Therefore, the contributions are invested in the following categories:

  • Local Government Bonds
  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Volkskrediet Bank
  • Corporate bonds
  • Time Deposits
  • Investment property

Benefits of participating members:

  • Transparency
  • On line access
  • Mortgage facilities
  • Open door policy
  • Guaranteed retirement income

PFTSA Pension Plan
Defined Contribution (DC) plan is a retirement plan in which the employer and the employee make contributions on a monthly basis.  The contributions are recorded to the employee’s individual account.  The monthly contribution is a fixed percentage of the salary. However, the future benefits fluctuates according to the investment earnings.

Please note that your retirement benefit payable depends solely on the value of your account balance when you retire.

Make the most of your defined contribution plan

  • As an employee you are able to make extra contributions to your account in order to increase your retirement income.
  • Try to add extra contributions lumps payments while you are working especially if you did not start saving seriously for retirement until later in life.

The DC Plan is commonly referred to as an employer’s pension.  Usually this type of pension is advantageous to the employee and employer for tax reasons.